Members of the African Well Fund recently traveled to Washington D.C. for our annual board meeting as well as various committee meetings. While in D.C., board members met with Africare staff and also attended Africare’s annual Bishop John T. Walker Memorial Dinner.
Meeting with Africare
African Well Fund members with LMichael Green at Africare House
AWF members attended a meeting on Thursday Nov. 4th at Africare House in Washington D.C. AWF was warmly welcomed by Africare staff including the new Vice President of Marketing and Development, LMichael Green. Africare Senior Vice President, Jeannine Scott opened the meeting with a welcoming address. Other Africare staff present were: Alan Alemian, Anglophone Regional Director, Curt Valentine, Anglophone Regional Program Manager, Steronica Dunston, Development Officer and Patricia Owens, Development Associate. Africare provided an updated total of funds raised since inception, $53,470.46. AWF used the opportunity to present Africare with a check for $1,000, the proceeds from the Picture This! fundraiser and the LA U2 fan gathering. This brings our grand total of funds raised to $54,470.46.
AWF Chairman Julie Cook presents LMichael Green with $1000 check
We also received an update on proposed well-building activities for 2004. Previously, the 2004 funds were earmarked for well-building in Ethiopia. However, because of weather related problems as well as civil unrest that necessitated the evacuation of Africare’s office in Gambella, well-building in Ethiopia will not be possible this year. Instead AWF funds will be directed to well-building programs in Uganda. AWF will have information in the next few weeks about these specific projects and an updated status report on our 2003 wells.
AWF and Africare discussed future projects and collaborations including the possibility of funding dyke and dam building projects as a more cost efficient way of bringing access to clean water to wider populations.
The 2004 Africare Bishop John T. Walker Memorial Dinner
AWF Chairman Julie Cook speaks to Senator Lugar at Africare Dinner
On Friday, Nov. 5th, AWF attended the 2004 Africare Bishop John T. Walker Memorial Dinner at the Hilton Washington Hotel. This year the Distinguished Humanitarian Service Award was presented to Senator Richard G. Lugar and Congressman Donald M. Payne in recognition of bipartisan congressional engagement with Africa. Also present at the dinner and one of the evening’s speakers was U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell. More details about the dinner as well as video from the event can be found on at AWF is proud to have been part of an event that raised almost $1 million for Africare’s program in Africa.
AWF Meetings
While in Washington, AWF members met in both a full board meeting and various other committee meetings. Discussions were held and plans were made for next year and beyond. AWF continues to grow and expand but is also in need of committed volunteers to do so. If you would like to help, please visit our Get Involved page for more information on how to help.