Every month, The African Well Fund receives numerous inquiries from people who are interested in more information about fundraising for our organization. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the interest rarely translates into action beyond this initial inquiry.
Kelly Collingwood, a high school senior from Williamsburg, Iowa has been a wonderful exception to this rule. During this past summer, Kelly contacted us for further information. Kelly had become aware of the plight suffered by many Africans and wanted to raise enough money to fund a well. As we explained to Kelly, we are very much a grassroots organization and, while we do provide some logistical support, we depend on our volunteers to conduct fundraisers independently.
Kelly was not at all daunted by this requirement. She devised her own fundraising plan, mailing out a letter to local businesses. In it, she explained her quest to fund a well and the motivation behind it. To date she has received $660 from local businesses, including a $500 donation from Folkmann Heating and Plumbing. She has many plans to continue her efforts to reach her goal of $5000. She is working on involving her church and her school.
The African Well Fund would like to salute Kelly and her passion to make a difference. Her efforts, combined with her community’s generosity, will have a significant impact on the lives of those in a community half a world away. For further information or if you would like to contribute to Kelly’s fundraiser, please contact her at kcollingwood05@hotmail.com or Kelly Collingwood 2202 240th St., Williamsburg, IA 52361.