Multi-platinum, Dove and Grammy award winning band Jars of Clay has recently launched the “1000 Wells Project”. The goal of the fundraising campaign is to raise enough money to fund 1000 clean water systems across Sub-Saharan Africa.
The premise of the campaign is a simple one: one dollar can make a difference. One dollar can provide one year of clean water for one African. Through its non-profit organization, Blood:Water Mission, Jars of Clay is calling on individuals and organizations across the country to mobilize people within their communities to donate one dollar each for Africa. The money raised by 1000 wells will be distributed to organizations such as Africare that are equipped and dedicated to developing clean water systems in Africa.
Launched on February 16th, the 1000 wells project recently raised over $320,000 in pledges when Jars of Clay appeared live on the radio for a 12 hour phone-a-thon. Additionally, Jars has been using its spring concert tour to appeal to its audiences, asking for $1 each from those in attendance. For more information please click here.