“YOU HAVE ONE LIFE… DO SOMETHING!” That’s the motto adopted by the 8th grade students in Dana Golowich’s science classes. The something that the students decided to do was to help to bring clean water to those who don’t have it.
After studying about the lack of access to clean water in Africa, students at the Reading-Flemington Middle School in Flemington, New Jersey, decided they wanted to help in some way. They began to raise money to fund a well in Africa by selling candy to their fellow students. Over 130 students have participated and after 2 months of fundraising $1000 has been raised! The students hope to raise at least $1500 and the fundraiser will continue until June 15th. The money will be used by African Well Fund’s partner Africare to help fund a water project in Africa.
The African Well Fund applauds these students and their willingness to turn their awareness into action. Their efforts will have a significant impact on the lives of hundreds of people in Africa.