Pictured from top are: 8th-grader Jake Walsh, special guest Babou, African Well Fund representative Diane Yoder, teacher Dana Golowich, 8th-grader Antonio Leggett and 8th-graders (bottom row) Michael Romeo, Olivia Markey and Chris Hughes.
The 8th- graders at Reading-Flemington Middle School recently concluded their fundraiser to build a well in Africa. The students surpassed their initial goal of $1000 and in the end raised $3,344.63!
To celebrate this accomplishment, the students planned an assembly that was held on June 9 and was attended by AWF representative Diane Yoder. The students performed songs, spoke about their fundraising efforts and the motivations behind them, and presented a check to Ms. Yoder. In addition, special guest Babou from Senegal, West Africa, addressed the students, describing life in Africa and the need for fresh, clean water that will help entire communities who lack access to a safe water source.
For the past 4 months, over 130 students have been selling candy to classmates to raise money to fund a well. The service project began when the student’s science teacher, Dana Golowich, was teaching the students about freshwater pollution. “As we talked about the lack of clean water in developing countries like Africa, the students became passionate about doing something to help,” said Mrs. Golowich. “The students adopted the motto: ‘YOU HAVE ONE LIFE…DO SOMETHING!’ and decided to raise funds for organizations that build clean water wells in Africa.”
RFassembly 001.jpg
Students Rebecca Alfonso and Jennifer Chambers and African Well Fund Project thermometer.
The African Well Fund salutes Mrs. Golowich and her students’ dedication and remarkable fundraising success. Their efforts will have a significant impact on the lives of the many African families who will now have access to clean water.