Yate Fairtrade Team held a sponsored walk on May 30, 2005. The event was designed to highlight the burden shouldered by African women every day in their search to obtain a day’s supply of water for their households. Participants carried buckets of water as they walked from Yate to Horton, a distance of ten miles, the distance traveled by many African women in their quest.
The walk took 5 hours to complete and gave participants an understanding of the strain faced by so many African women and girls daily. Through sponsorships, the group raised a total of $821 USD which will be split between African Well Fund and Yate Fairtrade Team.
Yate Fairtrade Team began in 1998 when a group of young people decided to setup a Fairtrade stall in Yate Methodist Church to help poverty in third world countries. The resulting business was called YMC Traidcraft, which in turn became Yate Fairtrade Team in July, 2004. Yate Fairtrade Team works in conjunction with church, educational and city leaders to make Yate a Fairtrade town. Yate Fairtrade Team agrees that safe water should be readily available for all people in Africa. Please visit www.yft.org.uk for more information in Yate Fairtrade Team and fair trade issues.
If you are interested in holding your own “Mile in Her Shoes” walk, please contact us at info@africanwellfund.org.