The Evangelical Free Bible Church in Clark in Summit, PA raised over $250 for the African Well Fund during their Vacation Bible School Program.
The theme for this year’s VBS program, which ran from June 27th to 30th, was called Serengeti Trek, and focused on Africa. Throughout the week children from kindergarten through grade six learned about life in Africa and the lack of clean water. Raising money for children and families in Africa enabled them to put into practice what they were also learning about love and generosity. A “Water Well” was set up in the sanctuary of the church with a “meter” gauging how much money the children had donated each night. To make the well offering more of a challenge, a competition was held between the boys and the girls, to see who could raise the most money.
Each night, the children became more excited about the well offering. They raided their piggy-banks, did extra chores and asked family and friends for donations to add to the “Water Well”. In only 4 days, 75 kids raised just over $550 in donations which were split between AWF and Wolrd Vision.
The African Well Fund would like to thank Tillie Elvrum, Evangelical Free Bible Church and all the volunteers and children who made this event a success!