‘Wine In Words’ is not a typical group of women who just sit around reading books and drinking wine – they also brainstorm and act on giving back to the world. The idea to raise money to build wells in Africa came to the women after several discussions on how fortunate they are and how easy it is to take simple necessities for granted.
As luck would have it the women were presented with an opportunity to earn money by servicing the community in another way – by serving beer at a local food and music festival!
The Hometown Fair is produced by Boulder Creek Events who sponsor non-profit groups at their year-round events. The volunteer group comprised of 25 friends, family and colleagues provided over 200 hours of volunteer time over the 3-day Labor Day weekend. Volunteers staffed the beer tent and provided security and in return are able to donate 100% of their proceeds to AWF.
To increase awareness t-shirts were made to advertise the cause with the familiar slogan: “Save Water…” on the front and, “Drink a Beer /” on the back. On behalf of the volunteers, Boulder Creek Events also organized announcements to be made by the music talent.
After pouring countless pints of beer, the group is thrilled to donate over $2000 to such a significant cause and remarkable organization!