The Arlington Student Government of Arlington High School in St. Paul, Minnesota has launched a fundraising effort to benefit the African Well Fund. The project is called Africa H2O. Throughout the duration of the project, the student government will be selling water bottles for $1 each. All proceeds from the sales will be donated to the African Well Fund. With each purchase of a water bottle, the buyer will get to write their name on a cutout of the continent of Africa. The paper cutouts will be displayed in the Great Hall of Arlington High School to show the support of the school for the community of the world.
There are about 35 students involved in the project. The students began selling water bottles on Feb. 10th and hope to continue through the end of March. The students developed the project because they wanted to do something out of the ordinary to help those who do not enjoy the easy access to clean, safe water that we do. The students chose the African Well Fund as the beneficiary of their fundraising efforts after searching for a non-profit group they could work hands on with.
Check back for updates as the fundraiser progresses. If you are interested in holding an Africa H2O fundraiser in your school, please contact Angela Martens at