Profile: Man with a Graphic vision: Hope is the theme running through the soul of AWF.
He is 38 years old, teaches Math to middle school students in Des Moines, Iowa and is not your “average U2 nut”.
So why did this professional disc golfer enter our contest?
Eddie McCulley explains:
Eddie copy.jpg“I hadn’t heard of the African Well Fund until I discovered the logo contest. I have Bono set as one of my Google searches for my Google home page and it will search every story about U2. The logo contest popped up and I just started designing this logo. One of the first things that I noticed on your site were the different words for water.
H2O is the first word that pops up. Hope is the theme that I see running through the soul of AWF. Water gives the people you help, at the very least, a chance… hope. Outside of taking over and becoming a benevolent King, finding water really is the only thing we (you) can do to make a significant difference.
I am proud that in my little way I can contribute to the cause.”

We’re happy too that Eddie found AWF and contributed in his own way. Our 4th annual fundraiser to Build a Well for Bono’s Birthday is just days old and we have already sold over 40 t-shirts with Eddie’s graphic image adorning them.
2nd Design Chosen
African Well Fund received more than 50 entries for the design contest. It was incredibly difficult to pick a winning design and in fact it came down to a virtual tie. As a result we are offering a variety of products incorporating the other design.
The designers are Christina and Peter Fikaris, an award-winning design team based in New York City. They have creatively defined many clients including filmmakers, playwrights and recording artists. As U2 fans from the early 80’s, they have drawn much inspiration from their music and social awareness. We admire Bono’s role in inspiring the African Well Fund, and are honored to have contributed to this great humanitarian cause.
African Well Fund is extremely grateful to Eddie, Christina and Peter for their inspired designs. To view both designs and the products available, visit our Café Press store
Stay with us through the month of April while we continue our fundraiser for Bono and maintain our HOPE for Africa.
Also stay tuned in coming months as we hope to incorporate some of the other design entries received in new products.
Thank you!