The African Well Fund is honored to be listed as one of the resources in Relevant Books new paperback The Revolution – A Field Manual for Changing Your World.
The Revolution is edited by Heather Zydek, writer and editor of RELEVANT magazine’s Revolution section. Featuring a foreword by Jim Wallis, the book is a collection of essays on pressing social justice issues such as HIV/AIDS, Hunger, Poverty, and Fair Trade. Contributing authors include David Beckmann, Rose Marie Berger, Doak Bock, Cranford Joseph Coulter, Joe Curnow, Reagan Demas, Dan Haseltine, Penny Hunter, Peter Illyn, Father Demetri Kantzavelos, Jena Lee and Marie Smith.
Summary from the Publisher: A revolution is happening in our generation. We see the strife in the world as generations before ours could not—whether a terrorist attack or a tsunami, we watch the devastation of such tragedies play-by-play, and it moves us. But how do we apply our energy to alleviate the suffering of those around us? Especially when we’re busier than ever and less able to give of our time to serve just causes at home and around the globe.
The Revolution is available at Please be sure to use the Amazon link on our site and AWF will receive a portion of your purchase.

Lastly, AWF has been provided a coupon for all donors to use should they decide to order The Revolution. You can download the coupon HERE