I’m Rob Trigalet from the African Well Fund and welcome to our first blog here at AWF..
Well, we’re going to Africa. After many emails and phone calls to Kampala, Washington D.C. (Africare’s main office) and back again and some great phone conversations with our Africare representitive in Uganda, Anthony Ngosi, we’re wrapping up some last minute details, packing and repacking to try and make our bags lighter, and generally just trying to keep track of which pills we’re to take when for our vaccinations.
One week from today we’ll fly to London and meet up with fellow AWF board member Angela Martens and then onto Uganda where we’ll also meet up with our friend Steve Buckwalter who will be filming our time in country. AWF hopes to use this footage for the website, and for some kind of future informational package and maybe even a documentry in some form as well.
We’ll be visitng many of the well sites in the Ntungamo district of southwestern Uganda, that have been made possible by you, the supporters of this organization, through your generous contributions and volunteer work. These wells make a real difference in the lives of the people recieve them and it is our hope to bring you their story. So check in often and we’ll be in touch.