Last year was such a success, we decided to do it again!
In addition to our Bono’s birthday donation drive (which is well underway and goes through May 6th), we are offering U2 fans a chance to bid on some great photos from the Vertigo tour, including several from the West Coast and Hawaii.
© 2005 Bob Reck
100% of the proceeds of this auction will go towards building water projects in Africa.
Be sure to bookmark our auction link on ebay and come back when the first auction begins on April 14, 2007 at 12pm EST.
Some additional details: Each auction will start at one-minute increments until they are all live. This is to allow time for each individual auction to end separately, as opposed to multiple auctions ending at the same time. So if you are bidding on several photos you will have a better chance of winning them!
For a special preview ahead of the live auction date, please visit this link to preview some of the photos that will be up for bid.
AWF would like to thank Phil Romans and all of the following photographers for their generous donation of time and photographs:
Phil Romans, Babette Ross, Bob Reck, Matthias Muehlbradt, Daniel Boud, Greg Wigler, Mike Kurman, Caroline van Oosten de Boer, Rob Wanenchak, Ruth Barohn,Ayaz Asif, Henry Wagner
Otto Kitsinger, Ingrid Erler, Jim Rinaldi, Barbara Kibart,, JJ Booth, John Griffin
HAPPY BIDDING!!! And remember, if you don’t win your desired item(s), you can still donate in honor of Bono here