AWF has received a thank you note from Bono…
We will let the note speak for itself (if you can decipher it!?!) but we would like to thank all of the generous supporters who have made the Birthday Well campaigns so successful!
As we announced earlier, the money from this year’s campaign will be used in partnership with Africare and Invisible Children to build wells at schools in Northern Uganda. Check back soon as we will be posting more details about this exciting project.
Thanks again and as we say every year U2 fans are the best!

We believe the note reads (our best guess at translation):
Well, Well, Well, Well, Well, Well
And Well done etc.
I think its my favourite birthday gift every year… and this year I wanted to thank you – music is pouring out of the U2 ers at the minute and despite what’s happening out there in a wild wild world I am so happy to be alive enough to give it a good kickin.
There’s no business like shoe business