By Devlin Smith
Earlier this year, Pittsburgh punk band Anti-Flag decided to donate a portion of the presale ticket sales for its War Sucks! Let’s Party! concert tour to the African Well Fund. The band also accepted donations at its shows, put the AWF logo on the official tour poster and invited AWF volunteers to table a few shows. The band also signed items that will be included in our Got Water? online auction this fall.
Thanks to the band’s efforts and fan generosity, $2,000 was raised. That money will be used for AWF’s new partnership with Invisible Children to build wells at schools in Northern Uganda.
Anti-Flag bassist Chris #2 took the time to answer a few questions about the group’s involvement with AWF.
Why did Anti-Flag feel the African Well Fund was an ideal match for the band and its fans?
Our community is always looking for tangible victories. Just browsing the African Well Fund Web site it’s so easy to see how many times your organization has had huge impacts on this world. We are truly honored to work with you.
What kind of response were you getting from fans to this partnership?
Many of them were well familiar with the AWF; for others it was an education process. The constant was that everyone loves the work you’re doing and loves the organization.
How did you feel when you found out how much money was raised?
So grateful to know that our community was able to raise enough to actually build a well. It’s amazing to have impact all the way around the globe.
What kind of reaction have you gotten from fans to that amount?
Everyone was extremely excited, everyone coming out to the shows loved the fact that they were having an impact on other people’s lives. It made the events far more fulfilling.
Why is it important for your band to be involved in social and political causes?
It’s important to be involved in the things that you are passionate about. The four of us care about the people of this world. We are lucky enough to have the people that listen to our music share in our vision to work to better this world.
Do you think you’d like to work with AWF again in the future?
It would be great to work together again. This is just the beginning of our relationship. There’s much more to come.
Anything else you’d like to add about Anti-Flag’s partnership with AWF?
This has been a truly rewarding partnership. We look forward to all that is on the horizon. Thank you all so much.
Members of the band Anti-Flag (back middle) pose with AWF volunteers at one of the band’s shows in Los Angeles.