There’s a popular theory stating that each person in the world is separated from everyone else by six or fewer connections. With the Internet, that gap seems to be closing as ordinary people gain worldwide notoriety through their Web pages and blogs, sometimes even striking up global friendships.
Hanes, actor Kevin Bacon (someone who many of us have spent hours connecting to a variety of performers in six degrees or less) and Network for Good have teamed up to take advantage of our increased global connectivity to benefit a number of nonprofit organizations, including the African Well Fund.
Via the Six Degrees initiative, organizations are collecting donations in a friendly competition that runs through September 16th. The six organizations with the most unique donations will get matching grants of up to $10,000 from Hanes. All of the donations are being collected through Network for Good. There is a $10 minimum for donations to be counted in the contest but donations of any size are welcomed.
AWF Board Member Diane Yoder created a badge for the organization that tells about its mission, has a link to AWF’s Network for Good donation page, and provides up-to-the-minute donation numbers and amounts.
AWF is currently in the Six Degrees top 10 but needs continued support from all the Web stars out there to maintain its standing and win one of the matching grants. E-mail the link to AWF’s badge ( to any of your family and friends who support the group’s mission of providing clean water to needy African communities, post it on your Web journals, or insert it into the signatures on your e-mails or forum profiles.
Supporters can also post the AWF badge on their MySpace pages and Web site’s, using the codes and links available in the badge’s “Share” tab.
For Facebook members, special badge posting instructions are available from Six Degrees.
If you have any other ideas for how AWF can spread the word about the Six Degrees fundraiser, please e-mail
Thank you to everyone who takes the time to make a donation to AWF during this drive. Even if we don’t win one of the grants, the money collected will make a huge difference in many lives.