In 1992, the UN General Assembly designated March 22 as “World Water Day” to draw international attention to the critical lack of clean, safe drinking water worldwide.
This year the theme is Sanitation Matters! African Well Fund recognizes the need for improved sanitation along with a clean water source and all the projects implemented by our partner Africare include a sanitation component.
Since our inception in 2003, African Well Fund has raised more than a half million dollars that has been used to fund water and sanitation projects throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.
Some of our most recent projects include:

  • The rehabilitation of 7 shallow wells and one deep well in Gowke, Zimbabwe benefiting more than 2000 people. The project also includes a block grant to one school for the construction of improved ventilated pit latrines.
  • The rehabilitation of a gravity water system in the Nyeama community in Sierra Leone. The project has provided more than 5000 people with easy access to clear clean water right outside their homes which they are able to use for cooking, bathing and drinking.
  • The Tsamia Water Project in Tsamia, Niger, a project that is rehabilitating a well that was constructed in 2006 but was never completed.

In the coming months, our partner Africare will be implementing AWF funded projects to aid cocoa farmers in Ghana, a garden well project in Burkina Faso that will help to improve food security along with providing clean drinking water and a water and sanitation project in Kibala, Angola that will benefit more than 10,000.
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