The African Well Fund is pleased to announce that this year’s Build a Well for Bono’s Birthday raised over $26,000! The money raised will be used by our partner Africare to implement a water and sanitation project in Sub-Saharan Africa, the details of which will be announced soon.
This was the 6th consecutive fundraiser held in honor of Bono’s May 10th birthday and the campaigns have collectively raised over $120,000 ! The money has been used to build water and sanitation projects in Uganda, Angola and Zimbabwe. The African Well Fund wishes to thank U2 fans all over the world for their support and generosity which has helped to better the life of thousands of people in Africa!
The African Well Fund will be sending beautiful homemade card to Bono containing an announcement of the total along with the signatures and well-wishes of those who donated. We will post photos of the card very soon.
Thank you for your continued support!