African Well Fund representatives recently met with our partner Africare and received updates on our current projects, as well as three new proposals to fund. We will be adding detailed updates complete with photos to our well pages as soon as we are able but until then, here is a brief synopsis of the work your donations have been funding:
Camakupa, Angola — The project was initiated in mid-April and seeks to improve access to clean water to more than 10,000 people. Water and sanitation committees have been formed, and local community members are being trained in spring construction and maintenance.
Kibala, Angola — The project was initiated in mid-February and seeks to construct protected springs to improve clean water access for more than 10,000 people. One spring has been completed and two others are nearing completion. The remaining springs are currently under construction. Water and sanitation training classes are underway.
Karangasso, Burkina Faso — The project seeks to improve water access to reduce the time community members spend fetching water, as well as providing water for gardening to enable them to increase agricultural productivity and thereby increase nutrition. Seven wells are being constructed and all are nearing completion.
Wassa Amenfi, West District, Ghana — The Water for Cocoa Farmers project aims to provide potable water to the 5,000 inhabitants of the 11 villages in the district. Well digging has begun in four of the communities and work has begun on the rehabilitation of an existing well.
Bong County, Liberia — Three wells have been completed and the fourth should be completed soon. Two other wells are slated for refurbishing. The project will eventually supply clean drinking water to more than 5,000 people in the villages of Garyea, Gleekormah, Konnie and Nyain.
Tsamia, Niger — The project repaired a well that had stopped working more than two years ago. The repair has helped to provide water to the 3,000 inhabitants of the village, as well as many in the surrounding areas.
Northern Uganda Invisible Children Project — AWF and Africare partnered with Invisible Children to construct water and sanitation facilities in schools in the Acholi sub region where formerly displaced people are resettling. Four boreholes were installed and latrines were built at schools in this region.
Nchelenge District, Zambia — The project objective is to provide year-round access to clean drinking water to 750 households and to improve hygiene practices in the district. This will be achieved by implementing Safe Water Systems interventions. Through training and chlorine treatments, SWS helps to insure that drinking water stays safe.
Njelele Ward, Zimbabwe — Project objectives are to provide 2,000 beneficiaries with safe, clean and adequate water for domestic use through the rehabilitation of seven shallow wells and one deep well. Additionally, the project will provide improved sanitation facilities for one of the schools in the ward. Work is currently in progress at all the sites.
In addition to these ongoing projects, AWF has received proposals for new projects in Angola, Ghana and Mali. Details about these exciting new projects will be posted soon.