The African Well Fund’s 2009 Got Water? online auction is currently underway on eBay. The auction, which raises money to fund AWF projects, runs from Nov. 9-16.
The 2009 auction features more that 50 items, including U2 memorabilia, autographed items and crafts from Africa. Included in the auction are a copy of “On the Move” signed by Bono and Adam Clayton; a Music Rising auction catalog signed by The Edge; copies of “Killing Bono” and “U2 by U2” signed by author Neil McCormick; a drum head, T-shirt and CD/poster set signed by the members of Anti-Flag; a CD signed by the members of The Swell Season; a copy of “Shootin’ the Sh*t with Kevin Smith” signed by the author; a painting of women carrying water jugs by an artist in Ghana; and a pair of hand-carved African figures.
To check out the complete list of items in the Got Water? auction, or to make a bid, click here. AWF will be posting updates on the auction to its Facebook and Twitter pages, and appreciates supporters spreading the word about the auction to family and friends online.