Five current and former African Well Fund board members met with Bono prior to U2’s recent show at Vanderbilt Stadium in Nashville. During the meeting, the board members presented Bono with his handmade birthday card and let him know over $16,000 had been raised during the 9th Annual Build a Well for Bono’s Birthday fundraiser.
Bono told the board members, “You are the people who make my birthday every year,” when given the card. He expressed his appreciation for the donations and mentioned that the whole band has been inspired by what AWF has accomplished because of the amazing support of its donors and volunteers. “You just show that it can be done,” he said.
The mixed-media birthday card presented to Bono was created by AWF Board Member Lara Wineman, and was made of cardboard, punchinella, acrylic paint, sewing pattern tissue paper and found objects. It contained all of the birthday messages left for Bono by donors.
“It was thrilling, of course, to be part of the AWF delegation that presented the card to Bono, but what struck me the most was Bono’s comment that the band found AWF’s work so inspiring,” said Diane Yoder, AWF board vice chairman. “I have always thought of AWF as a way for U2 fans to ‘pay it forward’–to turn inspiration into action. I had never considered that this action would in turn inspire the band. I am proud to be part of our organization, and am eternally grateful to all the donors and volunteers who have stood by us through the years.”
Prior to the meeting, the board members passed out AWF water bottles filled with cold water to people waiting in the Nashville GA line and met with supporters.
Funds raised during this year’s Build a Well for Bono’s Birthday fundraiser will benefit clean water and sanitation projects that will be implemented by AWF partner Africare at four girls’ schools in Benin supported by Angelique Kidjo’s Batonga Foundation. AWF is still in need of $5,500 to fully fund this project. If you would like to make a donation, please click here.
Water Bottles.jpg
AWF water bottles filled with cold water were passed out to people waiting in the GA line prior to the Nashville show.
Board Members.JPG
Representing AWF in Nashville were Ayesha Marcel, board member, Diana Yoder, board vice chairman, Rob Trigalet, board chairman, Laura Page, board advisor, and Lara Wineman, board member.
Lara Bono Talking.jpg
Wineman presented Bono with the card she created for his birthday.
Lara Bono Card.jpg
Wineman showed Bono the messages and well share in the card, and let him know over $16,000 was raised in honor of his birthday.
The front cover of the card Wineman created for Bono’s birthday.
A view of the front of the card and donor messages it contains.
In addition to featuring birthday messages left by donors, the birthday card also explained how much money was raised during the 9th Annual Build a Well for Bono’s Birthday and the project that money will help fund.
The back cover of the card Wineman created.