As African Well Fund nears the $1 million fundraising mark, we’ve asked supporters to share their stories of why they give. In this installment, Anne Cimon, AWF treasurer, shares her reasons why.
How did you first learn about the African Well Fund?
I watched the AWF develop into a nonprofit in beginning via the online U2 community.
Why did you want to support AWF?
While the AWF was taking root, I was also being inspired and educated by Bono to take action by learning more about extreme poverty issues such as debt, AIDS, fair trade and how things can change by providing basic infrastructure such as clean water.
What are some specific things you’ve done to support AWF’s mission to fund clean water and sanitation projects in sub-Saharan Africa?
I have volunteered to do the bookkeeping, donate during the year (especially to also honor Bono to build wells for his birthday) and participate in the auctions by donating or bidding.
AWF Treasurer Anne Cimon (second from the right) poses with fellow board members Diane Yoder, Rob Trigalet and Devlin Smith at U2’s 2009 show in Raleigh, North Carolina.
Have you introduced your family, friends or community to AWF? How?
I have told my family, friends and community. One year, the children of my church choose the African Well Fund as the organization to donate the pennies to that they raised throughout the year. I also try to share all the African Well Fund updates via Facebook.
Why do you continue to support AWF?
I will continue to support AWF while the communities in Africa need assistance to progress and grow and live on less than a dollar a day.
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