As African Well Fund nears the $1 million fundraising mark, we’ve asked supporters to share their stories of why they give. In this installment, volunteer and donor Tillie Elvrum shares her reasons why.
How did you first learn about the African Well Fund?
I first learned about the African Well Fund through Zootopia,’s online fan community. Some fellow friends/fans were trying to decide how we could support Africa, a cause near and dear to Bono’s heart.
Why did you want to support AWF?
I wanted to support AWF because I truly felt like the mission to provide clean water to communities in Africa could be life changing for the people there. I really respected the effort that the AWF Board went to–they educated themselves and teamed up with Africare. Knowing that donations are going directly to water projects is very important to me.
What are some specific things you’ve done to support AWF’s mission to fund clean water and sanitation projects in sub-Saharan Africa?
I’ve handed out AWF info at U2 concerts. I’ve donated to various campaigns, my favorite being the annual Build a Well for Bono’s Birthday. I’ve taken up collections during various U2 fan gatherings I’ve hosted, the last during the Rose Bowl DVD release party. I also got my church involved when we held a friendly fundraising competition between the boys and girls during our safari-themed vacation bible school program. Every night during our program I talked about Africa and how important clean water is for communities, in particular for women and children. The AWF website provided wonderful resources for my presentations.
Have you introduced your family, friends or community to AWF? How?
Besides the activities above, I just try to spread the word anyway I can. Facebook and Twitter have been a great way to spread the word about what AWF is trying to do.
Why do you continue to support AWF?
I continue to support the AWF because I’m encouraged by the reports back from Africa; I’m amazed at the work being done there with the help of AWF volunteers.
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