As African Well Fund nears the $1 million fundraising mark, we’ve asked supporters to share their stories of why they give. In this installment, volunteer Dion Simte shares her reasons why.
How did you first learn about the African Well Fund?
I first started hearing about the African Well Fund many years ago through Zootopia, the online community.
Why did you want to support AWF?
I wanted to support the African Well Fund because I was a U2 fan and knew AWF was created by U2 fans. I also wanted to have a more direct impact on helping in Africa and I knew I could have that opportunity through AWF.
What are some specific things you’ve done to support AWF’s mission to fund clean water and sanitation projects in sub-Saharan Africa?
I use a variety of fundraising methods to most impact AWF’s mission. Specific examples of what I’ve done include the following: chose/and will continue to choose AWF as beneficiary for my Birthday Wish through Facebook’s Causes; donated several limited editions of the official Bono Street Team (BST) painting prints to AWF for inclusion in the Build a Well for Bono’s 50th Birthday Fundraiser; donated rare 1982 U2 photos (personally taken) for the Build a Well for Bono’s 51st Birthday Fundraiser; and donated three BST painting prints personally autographed by Bono in May 2011 for inclusion in AWF fundraising auctions. (One of the BST painting prints has already been auctioned and raised $255 for AWF. Hopefully, the second and third print will raise even more money in an AWF special project in the near future.)
Bono Signing Print.jpg
Have you introduced your family, friends or community to AWF? How?
Yes. My family and friends donate to my annual Facebook Causes Birthday Wish. They are very aware of my passion to assist AWF in any way I can and continue to help me reach my birthday wish every year.
Community-wise, the power of social media–via the Bono Street Team updates through the Internet–helps me reach those on a global level. It’s so exciting to help bring awareness to AWF to those I wouldn’t otherwise have contact with if there were no online presence.
Why do you continue to support AWF?
Because I know I can help make an impact to help the African Well Fund and the people in need of fresh water wells and sanitation projects in Africa.
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