That’s the take home message from the recent International Water Forum at the United Nations according to the Columbia Water Center who participated in the event.

None of the many challenges are outside of the ability of human-kind to respond and resolve.  As with so many things, political will and money are needed, but the conference took it further; the general public has to understand and care before the political will and money will materialize.  And the way to the general public’s heart is through effective communication.

In my 9 years with AWF, I have never once met anyone who did not want to help once they were made aware of the daily hardships faced by people in Africa in pursuit of a day’s supply of clean water. This poll reiterates that point.

Poll: More Would Give Clean Water to the World than Accept 1 Million for Themselves

So the challenge is to channel that will into action. AWF was founded on the belief that clean water for everyone is not some utopian dream but an achievable goal. We wanted to prove that a group of ordinary people who care can make this goal a reality. We provide a way for the people who care to directly help the people in need.

It’s great to see events like this that stress that positive change is possible when we band together.Looking forward to the new public education campaign being planned as a result of the UN forum. We will be sure to keep you posted here!