When U2 postponed its 2010 world tour so Bono could have back surgery, then-eight-year-old Nathaniel Crossley of Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada, started the “Bono: I Got Your Back!” project, collecting cards and greeting for the recouperating singer and amassing more than 1,700 “Likes” on Facebook.
Nathaniel is now using “Bono: I Got Your Back!” to raise money for African Well Fund. He’s currently selling T-shirts featuring the AWF logo on the front and his group’s logo on the back, and is also accepting donations. The funds Nathaniel raises will benefit a project that will improve access to clean water and sanitation to students at 30 schools in Malawi and Tanzania. Learn more about the project here.
Nathaniel Crossley and Bono.JPG
Nathaniel met Bono prior to U2’s May 2011 concert in Denver.
Nathaniel recently answered a few questions about this fundraiser.
Why did you decide to hold a fundraiser for AWF?
I wanted to help kids my age and families have clean drinking water. I also wanted to do something like Ryan Hreljac did for Ryan’s Well [a clean water foundation started by then six-year-old Hreljac in 1998].
How are you raising money?
I am selling T-shirts through Eddie Farrell at Scripture T-Shirts, and also [through] donations from family and friends. The shirts are $30 dollars and [are available] in a lot of colors and sizes. Fifteen dollars [from each T-shirt] will go to my project. I’m also making a model of a water well to show my school what one looks like and what people in Africa drink. I have some more ideas, too.
What are your goals?
My goal is [to] raise between $2,000 to $5,000 and build my first water well in Africa.
You launched “Bono: I Got Your Back!” in 2010 after Bono had back surgery. Why have you kept the group going?
So people can support their favorite band members if they get hurt and show support, they could do the same thing that I did for Bono.
What are some your proudest moments with the group?
When I met Bono and The Edge in Denver. I also met Dallas, Stewart, Paul, Joe and a lot of people with U2 who knew about my page. Also, I met a lot of people who knew me from the page and they are all of my friends.
Why is it important for you to be involved with charitable giving?
To help others and get people to do the same.
What advice can you offer to other kids and families who are interested in raising money for charity?
Do something fun that you will enjoy and not like something you won’t enjoy in raising money.