Sixteen-year-old Kyasimire Evaleen, a student at Ruhama Secondary
School, was excited to be among the female students benefiting from an
improved latrine and water tank near the school’s dormitories.


In her own words:

“After classes we would climb the Ruhaama hill to collect water for
bathing and kitchen use. We traveled three kilometers from school and
would miss extracurricular activities like games and other sporting


“Due to overcrowding and fighting at the water points, we would ask boys
to fetch the water then carry to the school. Fetching water at night
exposed us to motor cyclist (boda-boda) in the village who would entice
girls to ride on their bikes and sexually abuse them for small gifts.
This put us at risk of getting infected with STIs and HIV. Some of our
friends went into early marriages with these motorcyclists.

“We also had problems using the latrine at night because it is located far from the dormitory.”


“I am so excited to see the new developments in our school. The time I
used to spend looking for water will be used for my studies. I hope to
improve my grades.”