When possible, we love to include personal stories from members of the communities affected by African Well Fund Projects. Here are a couple from the AWF’s first project in Burkina Faso:

Binta Kabore, pictured carrying
the basin in the photo below lives in Gbegue, a hamlet of

Burkina PADAMKV 4-2402 Final Report_html_m67c1b474.jpg

She says:

“Thanks to Africare and AWF for
having constructed this well that has provided a better quality of
water than that of the traditional well we were using before. In
addition to our present safe drinking water, we are also using clean
water for our gardening purposes thanks to the pump with pedals which
the project also granted to us. May God give to Africare and AWF the
necessary funds to continue helping us and other people.”

Burkina PADAMKV 4-2402 Final Report_html_m7a6bde74.jpg

Demesoun, the villager on the right in the photo below
the recipient of a gardening site in Gbegue.

Burkina PADAMKV 4-2402 Final Report_html_48ef0220.jpg

He says:

“The actions of the project are
benefiting each person in our district. Indeed, women and men were
traveling long distances (3 km) to fetch drinking water using the
traditional wells. Farmers, including myself, were excited to
garden, but unfortunately, in November, the wells were running dry.
Thanks to AWF and Africare we were provided with 2 wells. The people
of our district now have safe drinking water, water for their gardens
to plant in any season and as a result vegetables are constantly
available. Thanks to the pumps with pedals, fetching water becomes
easy. Heartfelt thanks to the donors, and may God give them more
financial means so that they can always help us”.

Burkina PADAMKV 4-2402 Final Report_html_m23a28cbf.jpg