We’ve been revisiting AWF’s first project in Ghana. Here are some quote from members of the villages served!

ghana-stories-1.jpg“Africare ni African Well Fund, Nsio ye de ma boye paa”.
– Boeaten, a Jaman cocoa farmer

Translated from the Akan, this means: “Africare and African Well Fund, but for you,
we would have never dreamed of getting good water.”

ghana-stories-2.jpgA village woman once saw a Puff Adder- the most poisonous snake in Africa, while gathering water from this pond.

“These people who
 brought this water might have been reading what is in my mind; they
 have saved my life and given me hope and time to do other things 
during the day.”

-Yaa Mansaa

Yaa is a girl from Akokofe. For her entire life she believed water to be white in colour, because that was the only water she had ever seen.

She had to spend about 90% of her daily life fetching water, especially
 during the dry season.


“The community’s lifetime dream has been fulfilled thanks 
to Africare and African Well Fund.”

– Nartey, an elder leader in Nkwantanum