*Board member Devlin Smith shares one way she’s found to support African Well Fund while celebrating her mom!*
I knew exactly what I wanted to buy my mom for Mother’s Day and knew just where to get it– GoodShop. I visited the site, a searchable listing of thousands of online retailers who will donate a portion of your purchase to the charity of your choice, entered the name of the retailer who offers the gift my mom had been asking for, clicked, placed the order, earned African Well Fund 2 percent of the purchase price, and the gift is now on its way.
Thousands of online retailers are listed with GoodShop, so you can use it to do all of your Mother’s Day shopping. The site even has a special page featuring dozens of special offers for Mother’s Day, so not only can you earn money for AWF with your purchase, you can also save yourself a few dollars.
GoodShop is a product of GoodSearch, a search engine that donates 1 cent per web search to the charity of your choice. Site users can also earn money for the charity of their choice several others ways through the site, including playing games, taking surveys and eating out. AWF has been listed with GoodSearch since December 2005 and has earned more than $1,500 in that time from its supporters’ web searches and online purchases.
If you’d like your web searches or purchases to benefit AWF projects, click here and let the site know you’re supporting African Well Fund (Schenectady, NY).