By Sabina Sulat
On Nov. 3, Kiho Chang, Sean Gorski and Nicolas Sagna will represent their employer, hedge fund Pharo Management LLC, and run in the ING New York City Marathon as the Pharo Team. In addition to training for the marathon, the team has also set up a Crowdrise page to raise money for the African Well Fund, with the goal of raising $3,000 in the lead up to the marathon.
Gorski took some time out of his work and training schedule to provide information on his team’s fundraising efforts.
How did you first learn of the African Well Fund?
I first learned about the African Well Fund from [AWF board vice chairman and treasurer] Diane Yoder, who is a close family friend.
Why did you choose to make AWF the recipient of your fundraising activities?
I knew that the African Well Fund is well-respected charity and I’ve frequently heard about and seen pictures of the work that the African Well Fund has done via Diane. In addition, one of the other runners had expressed interest in raising money for an African-based charity, so I suggested the African Well Fund.
Why do you and your friends feel AWF is a worthwhile cause?
Access to a safe and sanitary water supply is a basic necessity that can have a very meaningful impact on a person’s quality of life. We feel that the African Well Fund provides a simple, high-impact solution for those without access to clean water. We hope that our small fundraising effort will have a positive impact on many people’s lives.
How are you soliciting pledges for your efforts (friends, word of mouth, any social media efforts)? Can anyone pledge to you and your friends for this marathon?
The three runners (me included) will be soliciting pledges via word of mouth, e-mail, letters and social media. Anyone can donate to the fundraiser.