By Devlin Smith
The September issue of Snap magazine, a digital lifestyle publication, features more than a half-dozen pictures African Well Fund board member Lara Wineman took with her iPhone during a trip to visit project sites in Benin. Also included is a small write-up on AWF’s mission and work.
“I submitted my photos to Snap about a week after I got back from Africa in hopes they might put some in one of their issues,” Wineman said. “They actually didn’t tell me when they might publish them so it was a shock when I woke up Thursday to an e-mail that the issue had come out.”
Wineman travelled to Benin in May to visit AWF-funded projects at schools in the commune of Bohicon. She made the trip with fellow board members Julie Cook, Elizabeth Gipson, Ayesha Marcel and Diane Yoder, all of whom have shared their photographs and trip reflections on AWF’s Flickr page and blog.
“I’m super-excited [my photographs] appeared in a magazine with such diverse readership and subjects, and that the accompanying words they put with the article [were] so supportive of AWF and optimistic,” Wineman said. “Hopefully the striking callout text about the challenge of children relieving themselves at school will drive people to our website and learn more about water issues.”
To view the September issue of Snap and Wineman’s photo feature, click here