For the eighth year in a row, Elsha Stockseth is selling holiday cards, with proceeds benefiting the African Well Fund. Cards available for purchase include the new design “Running,” which was inspired by the races Stockseth, who has muscular dystrophy, has participated in this year with race partners. The card depicts Stockseth being pushed across the finish line by a snowman, with another snowman and a penguin close behind.
“It is really fun because I have a bunch of hidden stuff in the card,” Stockseth said. “I would love to do a race with U2.”
Inside, the card reads, “Running down the road to say Have a Magnificent Day.”
The 5- x 7-inch cards are available through Stockseth’s website for $1 each, with 10 cents from each purchase being donated to AWF. Shipping charges vary based on the number of cards ordered.
Stockseth is also offering four other card designs: “Light,” which features the Three Wise Men in a nativity scene and reads, “May love light up your Christmas tree” inside; “Waves,” featuring a surfing snowman and reading, “Wishing you a Beautiful Day filled with waves of joy!”; “Dreams,” which features a snowman dreaming in his blue room and reads, “… and may your dreams be realized;” and “Rudy,” a reindeer card that reads, “Warm Season’s Greetings” inside.
Last year, Stockseth sold 2,300 holiday cards.
To purchase Stockseth’s holiday cards, click here.
Elsha Stockseth 2014 Heart Card.jpg