Mali Phase II

Project Summary

Three new wells were constructed, and two existing wells were rehabilitated in four villages through this project.“We used to have lots of problems due to lack of clean water,” said Sindibla Ag Mohamed Assaleck, president of one village well committee. “In my village, we used to ask every household to pay 5,000 FCFA ($10) per week to install a water system in the village, but it didn’t work because people couldn’t afford that amount, so we didn’t have any choice other than drinking untreated water from the river, 3 kilometers (1.86 miles) away from the village. During the dry seasons, we sink holes in the riverbed to get water to drink. Sometimes, we have even come to the idea of abandoning our village and looking for another place to settle in. But with this precious jewel that you constructed to us, that idea is behind us,” Assaleck continued. “Hope is restored in the village, and you can see how women and men are happy today. We miss words to express our satisfaction in collaborating with Africare. Our special thanks go to AWF, who has made this dream come true.”

Project Details

Area Mali Phase II
Work Completed 2010
People Served 6,185

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