Uganda WASH Program

Project Summary

This project was implemented at five Africare-supported schools. Two rainwater tanks and three girl-friendly, ventilated improved pit latrines were constructed, and one hand-dug U3m pump well was protected.
“After classes we would climb the Ruhama hill to collect water for bathing and kitchen use,” said Kyasimire Evaleen, a 16-year-old student at one of the schools bene ting from this project. “We travel 3 kilometers (1.86 miles) from school. Looking at the schedule of the school activities some of us we would miss curricular activities like games and video to collect water, there was a crowding and fighting at the water point so we would ask boys to get us water then we carry it to school. Moving in the evening could expose us to motorcyclist drivers at the village who were always willing to offer us lifts and small gifts. Some of our friends fell prey of early marriages. In the same scenario latrine was located far from the dormitory and accessing it at night was a problem. I am so excited to see the new developments in our school, as an individual the time I spend looking for water will be diverted to concentrate on my books and hope to improve on my grades.”

Project Details

Area Uganda WASH Program
Work Completed 2010
People Served 17,799

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