Board of Directors

Rob Trigalet




Rob first became involved with African Well Fund as a donor in 2003 and became an active volunteer in 2005, joining the board in 2006. That year he travelled to Uganda to visit AWF projects and assisted in the creation of a DVD documentary recorded on the trip. He has served as board chair since 2006.

Rob works in the entertainment industry and lives in Lancaster, PA.


Diane Yoder

New York

Vice Chair and Treasurer


Diane is a founding member of African Well Fund and as vice-chair she serves as head of operations for the fund. She has travelled to Ghana in 2009 and Benin in 2013 to visit AWF projects. Diane believes that access to clean water and sanitation is indeed a basic human right and that it’s just crazy that it’s not a right enjoyed by everyone.

Diane is the operations manager at Mayan Hands foundation and lives in Niskayuna, NY.


Angela Martens

Alberta, Canada



Angela is a founding member of the African Well Fund and board secretary. During her visits to Uganda in 2006 and Ghana in 2009, Angela witnessed firsthand how clean water and sanitation projects not only reduce water borne illness, but also become a stepping stone for other projects to improve health and increase income, empowering communities to escape extreme poverty.

Angela is a Protection Designer and lives in Alberta, Canada.


Elizabeth Gipson




Elizabeth joined the board in 2013 and is the chair of the communication committee. She believes that working to provide access to clean water and sanitation is one of the most effective strategies available to combat extreme poverty. For a small investment, we can see huge returns that continue to pay out indefinitely. She travelled to Benin in 2013 to visit AWF projects.

Elizabeth is a graduate student.


Ayesha Marcel




Ayesha joined the Board in 2010. She is the donor database administrator and serves on the development committee. Access to clean water continues to be a critical problem in sub-Saharan Africa, and as someone with West African roots, this is an issue that hits close to home for Ayesha. She believes AWF shows that a lot can be accomplished with very little. Ayesha has travelled frequently to Africa and visited AWF projects in Benin in 2013.

Ayesha is a university administrator and lives in Southern California.


Lara Wineman




Lara is a founding member of AWF and serves as graphic designer for the fund. She also serves on the Fundraising and Web Design committees. Lara believes that as a first-world citizen blessed with things the rest of the world struggles to obtain, it is our duty to help bring things like clean water to countries where it is needed. She traveled to Benin in 2013 to visit AWF projects.

Lara is an Operations Director with RR Donnelley and lives in Atlanta, GA.

The African Well Fund is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Board positions are filled by election and board members serve three-year terms. Board members are typically chosen from active volunteers of the organization. If you are interested in serving on our board, please email us.

African Well Fund would like to thank the following past board members for their service:

Current Board Advisors
Elizabeth Beech (founding member)-
Laura Page (founding member)-
Anne Cimon-
Devlin Smith-

Past Board Members
Jo Sanchez (founding member)
Patricia Hefner (founding member)
Bridget McCann (founding member)
Aimee Powell
Karla Siegel (founding member)
Donna Laughlin
Annette Quintero
Paola Palumbi Yeager
Julie Cook