How much does a well cost?

The short answer is: it depends. There are many variables that affect a project’s budget, such as geography, type of water project, infrastructure, etc., so the costs can vary widely. The projects we fund are comprehensive and sustainable so include sanitation components and provisions for maintenance training. Some average costs for various water project types:

Spring catchment: $500 serving 250 people = $2/beneficiary.
Hand-dug well with hand pump: $5,000 serving 500 people = $10/beneficiary.
Borehole well with hand pump: $15,000 serving 1,000 people = $15/beneficiary.
Deep bore hole well with submersible electric pump and diesel-powered generator: $125,000 serving 6,000 people = $21/beneficiary.

Who builds the wells?

All water projects are implemented by the following partners working in Africa:


Africare has been working in Africa for more than 30 years and has field offices throughout the continent. Africare is committed to supporting local, community-driven initiatives and to going where the need is the greatest. For more detailed information about the water projects and the process used to implement them, please visit our Projects page.

Can I fund construction of a particular well?

The projects we fund are comprehensive ones, including both water and sanitation components. A typical project costs around $30,000 and contains a number of sites within it. When you donate to AWF, your donation will be pooled with others to help to fully fund the project. If you or your group would like to fund an entire project, please contact us for further information.

Will I be able to see photos of the well I fund?

We post project updates and photos as we receive them. However, there is usually a lag between the time of donation and when we receive the project report updates. AWF strives to achieve a balance in obtaining feedback for donors without unnecessarily burdening those working in the field. Making sure that donor dollars are used in the most effective way possible is a priority for both AWF.

Can I fund a well in honor of or dedicated to a loved one?

Donations may always be made in honor of or dedicated to a loved one. AWF has Well Share certificates available in electronic and hard copy formats that can be personalized for your donation.

We do not have any provisions for installation of a plaque or sign on the site. Such a designation would not only involve considerable cost, it also runs counter to the philosophy that the well belongs to the community in which it resides.

I want to go to Africa and assist in the construction of the well. Do you send teams of volunteers to Africa?

AWF does not send teams of volunteers to Africa to build wells. Our focus is on raising money for our partners to implement projects under the supervision of their field staff in Africa. A key component of our approach is partnering with the local community to ensure sustainability of the project. The community members frequently provide the labor as their contribution toward the project.

I want to fund a well in a specific community or country.

AWF works with partner organizations in Africa and funds proposals presented by those partners.

We do not accept proposals from other organizations at this time.

How do you know the money goes to the people in need?

Partner organizations provide us with detailed project proposals with cost breakdowns, as well as regular project updates as they are implemented. These proposals and updates can be viewed on our Projects page. AWF board members have travelled to Africa for visits to projects in Ghana, Uganda and Benin where they met with local officials, field staff and with community members, and were able witness first-hand completed and in-­progress projects. Photos on our site and our documentary film document these visits.

Where can I find your financial information?

Our 990 is available upon request.

Where is AWF headquartered?

AWF is a virtual organization with no bricks-and-mortar headquarters, which enables us to minimize administrative costs. Our website and online forum serve as our headquarters and allow volunteers from all over the world to interact and exchange ideas.

I live outside the United States, can I still contribute?

AWF accepts donations from around the world; however, we can only issue U.S. tax receipts. Please visit our Donate page for instructions on how to make a donation.

Can you put me in contact with Bono?

While AWF was founded by a group of U2 fans inspired by Bono’s advocacy for Africa, AWF is not affiliated with or sponsored by Bono, U2 or its management company.